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House Vastu & Rooms

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

In metropolitan cities, it is becoming difficult to find a vastu compliant apartment as the configuration of the house is based on the architect's knowledge and belief in 'Vastu Shastra'. So, it is recommended to check the direction of each room individually and understand if the overall house vastu has a positive effect or not.

A quick guide of vastu for rooms will help us understand the positive effect of a house on a person before purchasing it. You could understand the ideal location of rooms in your apartment with the help of the table shown below,

NOTE: The numbers in the table denotes the following,

4 - Very good (Ideal)

3 - Good

2 - Not ideal

1 - Not recommended (avoid)

As the configuration of an apartment is varying and the knowledge of vastu is limited to few individuals it is better to access your house vastu based on the direction and functionality of each room.

For detailed vastu consultation for your apartment, please visit ''.

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